About DRH Designs

DRH Designs was created in 2005 to service customers throughout the US and Caribbean.  Partnering with International Design/Build companies, local Architects and Designers, Facility managers, property managers and end users we create spectacular work spaces.  Through our vast network of installers and partner companies, we are able to offer a wider breadth of product, including: carpet, paint, flooring, wall coverings and services to complete your projects.  We offer direct access to Art.com to complement your spaces.  Our goal is to be your one stop shop, and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Debby Allen, President and Founder of DRH Designs, has more than 20 years of experience in the commercial furniture industry. Her experience includes working for major manufacturers and furniture dealers covering a large territory in the US and Caribbean.

Debby’s portfolio includes furnishings for commercial offices, lobbies, Parliament auditoriums in Antigua, high end Villas in St. Kitts, common areas in the Mall of Trinidad, transient housing and a hotel for Howard Hughes Janelia Farm, Government installations at US Small Business Administration nationwide, NIH, and the Smithsonian to name a few.